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We are the proud manufacturer of the Emulsion to Combustion™ E2C® Systems. Our systems have been developed to help keep the world Green by reducing harmful Greenhouse Gas and Soot Emissions from oil fired Boilers and Furnaces, Diesel Generators and Marine Diesel Engines.

Using new patent-pending breakthrough Water in Oil Emulsion fuel technology, CavitroniX™ provides a cost effective, simple to install, plug and play solution to your energy management requirements.

Our systems can allow companies to retain the value of their installed boiler systems by extending useful life and avoiding the overhead expense of installing scrubbers or other expensive devices that do not add productivity to their bottom line.

You can contact us at: info@cavitronix.com
or by calling 877.895.5392 for more information.

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Laura Asendio
RMR & Associates
301-230-0045, ext. 300

Independent Testing Results Confirm Significant Fuel Savings and Emissions Reductions Produced by CavitroniX™’s Technology for Oil-Fired Boilers and Generators

Fuel Savings of 9% and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Emission Reductions of 17% Are Confirmed with New Cavitation Blending Technology

Bristol, VA – April 9, 2013 – CavitroniX™ Corporation, whose technology improves the efficiency of oil-fired boilers, announced today that independent tests utilizing EPA protocols and ASME standards by a leading research institute confirm that the market-ready CavitroniX™ E2C® system for oil-fired boilers and generators produces significant fuel savings as well as a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
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