About Us

The Company

CavitroniX™ Corporation, a Delaware corporation, was established in 2006. The Company designs, develops, manufactures and sells the Emulsion to Combustion™ (E2C®) water-in-fuel emulsification systems, which dramatically improve the performance of existing oil-fired furnaces, boilers and diesel engines using a breakthrough technology that reduces fuel oil consumption while simultaneously reducing green house gas emissions and particulate matter. CavitroniX™ is a first mover in the $6 billion dollar market for upgrade equipment for existing oil-fired boilers. In addition to the stationary boiler market, the Company expects significant near-term sales to the military (diesel fired generators) and marine (military launches, lighters and patrol boats and civilian fishing, tug and work boats)

The E2C® System

The CavitroniX™ E2C® System is installed as an upgrade to an existing fuel oil-fired boiler or furnace. It can also be used with diesel generators or on diesel powered marine vessels. In any of these applications, it converts standard fuel oil into a water-fuel emulsion (typically 85 percent fuel oil and 15 percent water). The emulsion produced by the CavitroniX™ unit can be used as fuel without any need to modify existing boiler systems or diesel engines.

Standard CavitroniX™ units are available to fit a variety of boiler and furnace sizes, ranging from the size of a high school boiler consuming up to 25 gallons of fuel per hour to a large industrial boiler or furnace consuming 200 gallons or more of fuel per hour. Custom systems can accommodate fuel flow rates in excess of 600 gallons per hour. Our units also accommodate a wide range of fuel types, from Number 2 fuel oil (diesel and home heating oil) to Number 6 fuel (less refined heavy oil that must be heated in the fuel tank to keep it viscous). The unit is compact, is low maintenance and is designed to “plug and play” when installed by HVAC contractors.

Additionally, the CavitroniX™ unit can also be used on diesel-powered marine applications, including ferries, commercial fishing boats, tug boats, pilot boats and oil-crew service boats. The unit works well with diesel fuel and the same unit can be used on both stationary boilers and boats without requiring any modification. Finally, the unit is suitable for use on diesel-powered generators.

The Process

In a typical boiler, fuel oil is sprayed into the combustion chamber of the boiler through an atomizer, which converts the liquid fuel into a mist of small drops of oil. When the boiler is burning straight fuel oil, the oil drops retain their original size and the combustion chamber is not able to completely burn the fuel oil. This incomplete combustion limits the efficiency of the boiler. The incomplete combustion process also generates significant harmful emissions, including NOx and soot.

A CavitroniX™ system creates a “petroleum emulsion.” An emulsion is a mixture of two liquids that cannot be chemically combined. A water-in-oil emulsion consists of fine water droplets, uniformly distributed throughout the fuel oil. Because the bulk of our emulsion consists of oil (typically 85% oil; 15% water), each drop of water is surrounded by a larger amount of oil.

CavitroniX™’s emulsion is sprayed into the combustion chamber in the same way as regular fuel oil; however, each drop contains water at its core. As each drop of CavitroniX™ emulsion reaches the high heat of the combustion chamber, water at the core of the droplet bursts into steam in a “micro explosion”. The sudden burst of steam shatters the surrounding fuel oil into much smaller droplets, dramatically increasing the surface area of fuel oil in the combustion thereby obtaining more complete combustion of the oil.