Since 2006, our company, previously known as Cotefco Energy Group, Inc., has been actively involved in the engineering, design, development, manufacturing and sale of water-in-fuel emulsification units which drastically improve performance of boilers, furnaces and engines which burn oil.

High energy costs have been a major global problem for more than forty years. Although these costs have been subject to volatility, the fundamental issue has not gone away and the impact of energy costs will continue to be extremely significant in the foreseeable future.

Particularly hard hit as the crisis has continued are industrial, residential, and institutional sectors of the economy. Many such high energy users depend on fuel-oil fired boilers, furnaces, and engines for their heating and processing needs. While much attention, funding and development work has been focused on expanded solar, wind and nuclear power possibilities, few practical alternatives are available in the foreseeable future for the reduction of fuel oil based energy costs.

At the same time as the pressing need to reduce the cost of fuel-oil requirements, another critical challenge is both the regulatory and voluntary demands to improve the environmental impact of existing and new fuel-oil heating and processing equipment.

Beginning 2010, CavitroniX™ expects to commercialize its proprietary E2C® fuel emulsion technology to a large oil-consuming market in both the United States and in foreign markets. This technology has proven its value in the lab and field applications. The best news is that it is available now.