Management Team

Over the past four years, the Company’s management team has solved very difficult engineering problems and has demonstrated that it has the skills necessary to develop the technology from a concept to a production unit. It has acquired deep functional skills in water-fuel emulsions. More recently, we have enhanced the team with entrepreneurial, start-up and marketing experience. Our collective experience in starting new businesses and assembling the talent necessary for growth is a key asset of the Company. The team consists of:

  • Thomas G. David
    CEO and President

    Mr. David joined CavitroniX™ in 2010 and serves as its CEO and President. He was a co-founder, General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Operations at Avalon Pharmaceuticals (now part of Clinical Data Inc.) His team raised $150M, including IPO. Before joining Avalon in 2000, Mr. David spent 20 years in high technology industries, including work in both government and private industry. David is an attorney and has an MBA from Wharton.

  • Charles Markert
    Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice-President of Engineering

    A Co-Founder, Mr. Markert has 35 years experience as a professional engineer, specializing in the design and construction of naval shore installations. He served as a leader/manager in the Engineering & Design department of the US Naval Facilities Engineering Command, involved in all aspects of facility design. He has 7 years experience in emulsion technology, and designed the E2C™ product.

  • Lance I. Pelter
    Senior Vice President of Marketing

    Mr. Pelter joined CavitroniX™ in 2011. He has held leadership positions in Sales, Marketing and Finance in the information services and technology fields for GE and GXS (a GE spin off). Responsibilities have included National Sales Management of large geographically distributed sales and technical teams with full P&L ownership; Global Product Line Management, negotiation and pricing of major contracts.

  • Alain Cappeluti
    Chief Financial Officer

    Managed successful exit as CFO of CoGenesys. Currently Co-Founder of Noble Life Sciences, NexImmune and other ventures.