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Independent Testing Results Confirm Significant Fuel Savings and Emissions Reductions Produced by CavitroniX™’s Technology for Oil-Fired Boilers and Generators

Fuel Savings of 9% and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Emission Reductions of 17% Are Confirmed with New Cavitation Blending Technology

Bristol, VA – April 9, 2013 – CavitroniX™ Corporation, whose technology improves the efficiency of oil-fired boilers, announced today that independent tests utilizing EPA protocols and ASME standards by a leading research institute confirm that the market-ready CavitroniX™ E2C® system for oil-fired boilers and generators produces significant fuel savings as well as a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
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CavitroniX™’s Unique E2C® Technology Demonstrates Cost Savings in Test with Virginia Boiler Specialists

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FRONT ROYAL, VA, 2 Aug 2011 — CavitroniX™, the company that produces, markets and sells a revolutionary water-in-oil emulsion device that creates fuel savings in boiler plant and furnace operations–and reduces harmful emissions–confirmed the efficacy of its product in third party testing completed this month by Power Mechanical, Inc. (PMI), the boiler rental, sales and repair specialist based in Newport News, Va. Testing confirmed that fuel consumption was lowered by 11 to 15 percent, PMI reported, and NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions were reduced by 16 to 30 percent.

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