CavitroniX™’s Unique E2C® Technology Demonstrates Cost Savings in Test with Virginia Boiler Specialists

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FRONT ROYAL, VA, 2 Aug 2011 — CavitroniX™, the company that produces, markets and sells a revolutionary water-in-oil emulsion device that creates fuel savings in boiler plant and furnace operations–and reduces harmful emissions–confirmed the efficacy of its product in third party testing completed this month by Power Mechanical, Inc. (PMI), the boiler rental, sales and repair specialist based in Newport News, Va. Testing confirmed that fuel consumption was lowered by 11 to 15 percent, PMI reported, and NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions were reduced by 16 to 30 percent.

“Test results confirm that using an oil-water emulsion produced by CavitroniX™’s unique E2C® technology could significantly reduce operating costs for our customers and assist in bringing their boiler equipment into alignment with new federal EPA regulations,” said Rick Reuter, president of PMI, whose customers include industrial, commercial and government-owned energy plants.

The two-day test was conducted by PMI using a one year old boiler unit operating at both low-fire and high-fire settings. Testers installed meters to measure steam output and energy output and found incrementally greater energy output from the boiler with water emulsion than when using straight fuel oil. PMI also confirmed that the device is easy to install and works as claimed by CavitroniX™.

Lance Pelter, senior vice president of marketing for CavitroniX™, said the CavitroniX™ E2C® system fits a wide range of boiler and furnace sizes and works with marine diesel engines and generators. He said larger units “would produce incrementally greater savings and a positive return on investment even more quickly.” Many commercial users should be able to recover their investment in an E2C® system in 12 to 18 months in reduced fuel costs alone, Pelter said.

Charles Markert, senior vice president of engineering and quality assurance for CavitroniX™, said the break-through technology not only reduces nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide, but also reduces soot and can extend the life of existing oil-fired boilers and furnaces. CavitroniX™ is a first mover in the $6-billion market for upgrading existing oil-fired boilers.

A six-page report by PMI Project Manager John Haytko is available on the CavitroniX™ website and includes a spreadsheet with summary data.

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