Frequently Asked Questions

What does it do to the boiler?

  • It has been observed to reduce the maintenance needed inside a boiler due to less soot produced, therefore there is less accumulation internally and less is sent out the stack. It simply burns an alternative fuel (water-in-fuel emulsion).

Is there a drop in BTUs?

  • More energy is obtained from a gallon of fuel due to secondary atomization and more complete combustion (Less unburned hydrocarbons).
  • There is no de-rating of the boiler (or engine).
  • Some new, highly efficient boilers may not see a substantial increase in energy output.
  • There is a point of diminishing returns at the higher water percentages as secondary atomization reaches its maximum effectiveness and excess water reduces the temperature.

What is the saving per gallon?

  • Savings in fuel consumed can be up to 15+% as has been CavitroniX™’s experience to date.
  • Savings also accrue from better heat exchange due to less soot buildup in the boiler tubes.
  • Depending on your level of environmental compliance (or non-compliance) you may save money by reducing environmental fines/equipment.

What is the cost?

  • The base price includes “standard” start-up and balancing of the E2C® Emulsion Unit and the Distribution Manifold. (Call for Prices)
  • The customer is to provide the electrical, water, and oil connections to the E2C® location.
  • Customer oil supply should be clean (i.e. filtered). Water may need to be filtered.

What does it do to the oil?

  • It works by premixing oil with water in the proper proportions and then driving small droplets into the oil through continuous cavitation with even dispersion and direct delivery to the burner.
  • That which is not used is returned to the E2C® and immediately re-emulsified. The emulsion is never returned to the customer oil tank.

How does it mix the water with the oil?

  • A water droplet is hydrodynamically driven into an oil droplet and used before it has time to recombine with other droplets of water.
  • There is no additive or surfactant needed to destroy surface tension in order to extend the life of the suspended water droplets.
  • The E2C® is designed to re-emulsify the oil and water mix after sitting in standby and before entering the fuel train.

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